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Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 31


Welcome back everybody! We are in the final stretch here guys! This first story is gonna be finishing up in juuuuust under a year since we started. I’m not forseeing any more interruptions from here on out–which I probably shouldn’t have said. Crap.

Normally the first Thursday of the month brings a new Storytime with KBC. Sorry guys, but not this month! I am neck deep in writing for the Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors. Not to mention trying to finish the script for the next storyline of the comic. Plus this…other thing…that we’re not talking about yet. I’m pretty sure that piling a KBC story on top of all of that would result in brainplosion. Don’t worry, Tuck’ll make it up to you guys next month.

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5 Responses

  1. Orlaith Inghean Iomhair says:

    R.M. you’re getting distracted, but I would to “cause Hatfield is adorable.

  2. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:

    Need to give Ben and Jimmy props for this one.

    “Thumper Punched” is going to keep me amused for a while… 🙂

    Also, loving the “Cutest Puppy In The World” Agent Hatfield! 😉

  3. Kale says:

    SpiderRM, SpiderRM, Does whatever a spider can.
    Except for the web spinning… for now.

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