Hmmm...maybe we should tell this story instead. I mean, they've got a friggin' robot!
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Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 1

↓ Transcript

Splash page. Champ de Mars, Paris. Parisians flee in terror as Alpha One fights a TENTACULAR MONSTROSITY clambering its way up the Eiffel Tower. A number of its offspring--MINISTROSITIES the size of VW Beetles--ooze around the base of the tower. ICHABOD dashes forward, slashing with both of his swords, dicing a charging Ministrosity into pieces. ANGEL is held aloft--and upside-down--by the Monstrosity's slimy purple tentacle wrapped around her waist, but that doesn't keep her from firing twin submachine guns into the beast's nest of crimson eyes. LONDON - in full wolf-mode - sinks his fangs into a tentacle and holds fast as the creature thrashes to dislodge him. A giant Fleischer-style battle robot--with HERR DOKTOR at the controls behind the glass dome of its head--grips a tentacle and pulls with all its might, attempting to tug the creature down from the tower. On the ground, VICTORIA, drenched in ichor and bile, stands victorious atop a small mountain of dead ministrosities as she holds one over her head and rips it apart with her bare hands.

This is Chapter Alpha One of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch.
This elite fighting force is the reason you get to wake up in the morning.
It falls to them to battle the Forgotten Gods, Dark Wizards, and Transdimensional Horrors that threaten this world on a daily basis.
They are the last bastion. The only thing standing between this world and total oblivion.
They are Demon Hunters.
And this is not their story.

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5 Responses

  1. TammyJo says:

    So happy to see you all doing something again. In my house we routinely toss out lines from your films.

  2. annoyinglizardvoice says:

    Nice monster designs. Cool to see the DH setting back.

  3. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:

    Only just realised there’s a new comic.

    How did I not see this mentioned on Facebook?

    • Jimmy McMichael says:

      Because Facebook is INTENTIONALLY TERRIBLE! Even when we pay to promote a post, only a tiny fraction of our fans ever actually see it. We’d have better luck reaching Demon Hunter fans if we just dialed random numbers and shouted the website address at whoever picked up.

      • Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:

        Well, I’m doing my part and sharing it as much as possible! 😀

        Although I do like your idea.

        It would certainly generate some press. 😛

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