Hmmm...maybe we should tell this story instead. I mean, they've got a friggin' robot!
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Demon Hunters

Chapter Alpha One battles a tentacular monstrosity at the Eiffel Tower 5

Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 1

↓ TranscriptPAGE 1 PANEL 1 Splash page. Champ de Mars, Paris. Parisians flee in terror as Alpha One fights a TENTACULAR MONSTROSITY clambering its way up the Eiffel Tower. A number of its offspring–MINISTROSITIES...


Truth to the Head: Slow Days

HoHO! Greetings, truthseekers! Before the Purple Ninja enriches your miserable civilian lives with ancient wisdoms, Purple Ninja must first shill for his corporate overlords. Cast your awestruck eyes upon…Pizzajitsu: The Motion Picture! This short...