Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 4

Never happened.

There you go! Thirteen years after we told you about it, your first peek at the Vancouver Disaster. And a better look at the new Angel–she was a little tiny on page 1.

Four pages in and going strong. In our opinion anyway. What about you guys? Any thoughts on how we’re doing so far? Stuff you like? Stuff you don’t like? Let us know down below, or on Twitter (@DG_DemonHunters) or on the Dead Gentlemen Facebook page, or track us down at our homes and whisper critiques through the window while we sleep.

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↓ Transcript
Gabriel stares at Jim in shock. The bartender, spattered with Gabe's expectorations, glowers at nobody in particular.

GABRIEL: J-Jim? How can you--

Gabriel crushes Silent Jim in a sloppy, drunken bearhug. Jim doesn't seem super into it.

GABRIEL: Angel saw you, Jim! She--she watched you die!

Flashback to Vancouver. Angel grips the railing of a sinking ship as a monstrous Sea Demon tears Silent Jim apart with its terrible jaws.

SILENT JIM (OFF): Never happened.
CAPTION: Meanwhile, six months ago...
SFX: *Crunch*

Back in the bar. Gabriel fires off a string of unanswered questions until Silent Jim interrupts him by popping his speech balloon.

GABRIEL: Jesus, Jim, what happened? How did you survive? Where the hell have you been all this time? What are--
SILENT JIM: Need to talk.

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6 Responses

  1. Kale says:

    I suppose SJ is of the opinion, and correctly it seems, that if he didn’t say it he didn’t do it.

  2. DG Booth Troll says:

    I so hear Nathan and Don in my head right now. ^_^

  3. Clinton says:

    The site is a bit frustrating. I can’t find a homepage button, archive, or really any way to get back to the comic if I click on anything on the pages tool bar(meet the hunters, ect). I also can’t find if or where it says anything about how often the comic is going to be updated. That being said I’ve really enjoyed the writing and art style. I’m going to want a hard copy of the comic as soon as it gets long enough.

    • Jimmy McMichael says:

      All fair points, and I’ll see what I can do about addressing them (already added a Home link to the menu). FYI, the comic updates weekly, every Tuesday morning. I’d meant to display that more prominently, but it got lost in the rush to get everything ready for launch. I hadn’t activated the archives yet, since we’re only 4 pages in so far, but it might be time to get that set up. Thanks for the feedback, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic!

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