Hello? Anybody? I know I was just in one scene but I might be important later!
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Ben’s Gross Con Crud

Ben fought the good fight, but the spirochetes won. You can thank RadCon for no comic this week. Which means that instead of finishing up the first story on March 31st, the last page will go up on April 7th. Just over a year since the comic launched! Gah! We were so close to squeezing in under the wire!

This Thursday, Ben and I will be doing a Q&A on Google Hangouts for all of our Patreon patrons who’ve pledged at the $15+ level. Hopefully you’ve all received your invites to that, courtesy of überfan Chris Piazzo who has badassedly offered to take over the management and organization of Patreon rewards for us. This is awesome, because clearly it’s something we have utterly failed at. We’re gonna do better, guys. I promise!

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8 Responses

  1. unacomn says:

    Holy hell, has it really been a year? Well, 11 months, but still.
    Get better soon, Ben.

  2. Gordon Duke says:

    How is this allowed?

    Seriously, rest up and get better Ben!

  3. sethmd73 says:

    Where’s Becerratops? He could find ways of //motivating// Ben to complete the first story on time and under budget. *Mine is an evil laugh*

  4. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:

    Hey, we still get a comic.

    Just not the one people were expecting! 😛

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